Our Product

About our 100% hand made product.

So now that you have found us it is important for me to let you know just what is involved in the making of a wooden Toy. So let’s begin.

First we start with the hand selection of the wood that we will be using. There are several requirements each type of wood must meet, depending on the toy we will create with it. The wood must be durable so the toys that we will make with it can handle the future it is about to endure… a Toddlers life! We also consider the woods softness and sand ability. Our toys are not only fun to play with, they feel good too. Finally, the wood must have nice grain, color and pattern because these add beauty to the toy.

After the wood has been selected we separate the boards according to what we will create with each piece. This part is especially fun for me . There are days when I have sorted, cut, ripped then stacked All the wood.Then we lay the wood out and transfer the designs using the pattern of the toys that designed . We then rip, cut, scroll, drill and router all of the pieces that we will need and prepare them for sanding. This is the most important step! A smooth toy will bring years of enjoyment.

When the sanding phase is completed we assemble the pieces using glue and dowels nails or screws . The assembled pieces are placed into clamps and allowed to set up overnight. This gives each part the proper bonding time.

The next day we stain the various parts selecting from a rainbow of colors. The stains that we use are all water-based and non-toxic ). After the drying is complete we attach the wheels, axles, propellers, etc...then comes the final inspection! Of course the toy would not have even made it to this stage if something had been amiss.

We make a rather large variety of toys considering it’s just Fran and myself. We make Trains, Trucks and custom items upon request. We also make garden planters in a variety of designs that the customer selects Our children's woodend toys are educational as well as fun. They are filled with , colored blocks, ABC blocks, , people and more. All in a variety of designs, sizes and colors. It has been quite rewarding for us to watch a child use our creations to expand and explore their imaginations!

Needless to say we are having a wonderful time being The wood shop and creating toys for you and your loved ones. So next time you are in need of the perfect gift for that special someone come see us , we look forward to meeting you. If you prefer you can place a order or get in touch via E Mail and forward your ideas as we have many paterns to choose from ,as we build custom orders for your special loved one.