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My wife Fran and I have been enjoying making Friendly wooden toys since 2000 When our daughter ask us to make some pull toys for her girls and some play furniture We have always chosen good wood materials made or grown in Canada or USA and in looking back I am proud to say we've been "Green" all along. So now that you have found us it is important for me to let you know just what is involved in the making of a wooden Toy.

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Excavator Built Image


Excavator Built
Excavator Built to 116 scale

Mack Bucket Truck Image


Mack Bucket Truck
Mack Bucket Truck in the 1/16 scale.

Horse Coin Bank Image


Horse Coin Bank
Horse 18 inches long 11 inches high 4.5 wide

Pull toy train Image


Pull toy train
Pull toy train,engine,coal car, tanker...

Tractor Trailer Cribbage Board Image


Tractor Trailer Cribbage Board
Beautifully crafted Tractor Trailer Cribbage Board with cards